The ISRI-Civic is a modular seating solution for European urban transportation of the near future. Designed for Isringhausen, a German Seat design and manufacturing giant, it has an ergonomic loop housed within the seat that replaces the use of foam and gives dynamic comfort in a moving vehicle. The Ergo-Loop is a patented technology designed to move with your body and support it at all times.

Simple and strong design language defines the seat and all its components. Modularity allows the head-rest to take the place of the seat handle for an interstate transport scenario.

Orthogonal movements for larger or industrial equipment have always been more ergonomic and easy to handle. This is the heart of Ortho : a simple, minimal, intuitive and ergonomic mechanism designed for portable x-ray machines.

The aim of Ortho is to provide a large range of operation, allowing all necessary movements and positions but still within a very compact form factor that can fit in a small ambulance. This simplicity allows Ortho to be used for several medical procedures. Ortho as a concept can easily be integrated into other medical domains like eye care or dental care.

A wagging tail shows your dog is happy. To all dog lovers out there, Wagr shows you your dog’s position and behavoiur at all times. Equiped with a GPS tracker and various other sensors, Wagr does not let distance keep you and your dog apart.

Easy and intuitive to put on a wide range of collars, rough and tough, weather proof and reliable; Wagr is your best friend’s best friend.

Cricket is already out of this planet. It’s only obvious that the players suit up!

Moonwalkr aims at taking sport into the future by introdicing sportswear and protection gear made with superior composite materials and designed to enhance the player’s performance.

Meshined is proud to be the heart of this venture. The Moonwalkr-Leg guards for Cricket is a high performing, lightweight, ergonomic product that brings new dimensions to the player’s game. The two part leg-guard, allows a bend at the knee which gives dynamic leg protection and freedom of movement. The sleek aesthetics compliment the lightweight design and shows what the future of Cricket looks like.

Siri is aimed at making industrial products simple, functional and beautiful. It is a compartment and ergonomic design project for an irrigation regulator. The gentle form factor is inspired by its role with water.

Siri is elegant, easy to clean, weather resistant and easy to manufacture and assemble.

As the name suggests, Iris takes things back to basics. There is a real need of makin medical devices modular, compact, easy to use and affordable. designed to be taken apart in a few easy steps and reassembled easily, Iris is an eye-care device which is used for primary diagnosis as well as record transmission remotely to a specialist.

The basic princilpes of Iris use magnetic sliders and an ergonomic joystick to not only make it easy to operate but also to make it lightweight and modular. It is time to do away with the bulky heavy larger eye-care devices. Less is more!

When one looks at Domino, on a table or on the wall, he/she should have no idea what it is but still love how it looks and behaves. That is the challenge taken up by Meshined to design Domino: An ultra smart stereo camera that senses movement and analyses movement in a designated area. Something like this could be used in a large store to know curtomer movement.

As the name sugests, Domino is divided in two parts. One part has all the main electronics housed inside and the other part has lenses, cameras and sensors. Together they slide on one another to give a range of adjustments both on the table and for a wall mount. A small additional cylindrical dock is mounted on the wall onto which Domino is slid.

Eye-d pad is a device which makes all primary functions on a smartphone easy with its intuitive design. It has a tactile keypad which has a simple surface of bumps and notches designed to give the user constant feedback. Moreover, it has a set of shortcut buttons which make the use of the smartphone quick and efficient. Eye d pad is modular and can be easily attached to a wide range of smartphones.

It is wireless and is designed ergonomically  and does not hinder access, or the experience of using a smartphone in any way. By introducing the Eye D pad we strive to make the use of android smartphones easy”







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